Marry Me

Casts : Lucy Liu, Steven Pasquale, Enrique Murciano, Annie Potts, Bobby Cannavale

Marry Me Preview: Lifetime Miniseries Starring Lucy Liu If you’re a fan of Lucy Liu and/or the Lifetime network, you’ll probably want to tune in when Lifetime airs their new miniseries Marry Me. Trailer and details ahead!

I feel like I’m seeing Lucy Liu everywhere lately. I recently spotted her in her very brief role in an episode of (the original) Beverly Hills, 90210, but it was a more recent re-watch of Kill Bill that made me realize TV and movies definitely need more Liu. Lifetime is delivering as they’re set to air a two-night miniseries starring Liu, about a woman who searches for a great guy and ends up finding three. Judging from the information Lifetime released (below) and the trailer (further down), I find it highly unlikely that Liu’s character will go all O-Ren Ishii on any of these guys if they get mouthy. That said, I’m often drawn in by feel-good Lifetime movies and this one looks like a good one.

It should also be said that the rest of the cast looks pretty fantastic. This includes Steven Pasquale of Rescue Me, Ghostbusters’s Annie Potts, and Vanessa Marano, who not only played a role in last season’s Dexter but was in one of my favorite cancelled-too-soon series The Comeback.

Steven Pasquale (Rescue Me), Bobby Cannavale (The Other Guys), Enrique Murciano (Without a Trace), Annie Potts (Law & Order: SUV), Vanessa Marano (Dexter), Elizabeth Bogush (Big Bang Theory) and Danielle Nicolet (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation) also star.


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