Prison Break Season 4

12 DVD

Casts : Dominic Purcell, Wentworth Miller, Amaury

In Los Angeles, Michael is tracking Whistler and Gretchen seeking revenge for the death of Sara. They go to the Roosevelt Hotel to buy a fifty million dollars card called Scylla. Whistler kills the sellers, copies the card but he is surprised by Michael. When Gretchen arrives, she discloses that Sara is alive. Later Gretchen meets General Jonathan Krantz in the Mojave Desert in California and he tells her that she has failed and asks his black agent Wyatt to kill her. Michael calls Lincoln in Panama and he reveals that Sofia and LJ are all right, Sona has burns and Sucre, Bellick and T-Bag are not in the list of casualties. Sucre and Bellick meets Bellick’s mother in the Arizona Desert near California. Michael reads his e-mail and Mahone sends a message asking Michael to meet him. He tells him that Whistler and he are working against the company, Gretchen is dead and he explains the content of Scylla, indeed the company’s little black book with all the information of the corrupt organization. When Whistler joins them, he tells him that Sara is alive but he is murdered by Wyatt, who retrieves the card. T-Bag is with the prostitute in a hotel and hires two coyotes to cross him back to USA since he has a blood feud with Michael. However, he is double-crossed and left on the desert. General Krantz tells Wyatt that it is time to clean-up, and assigns him to kill Michael, Mahone and Lincoln. In Panama, Lincoln is attacked by a Company’s agent, but he kills the guy and is arrested. Sucre visits his son in the hospital, but he is double-crossed by his sister-in-law and arrested with Bellick. Wyatt kills Pamela and Cameron and Mahone is arrested in his house. Michael calls Bruce looking for Sara but he is arrested by the police. Then the National Security Agent Don Self meets Michael and proposed his freedom if he works secretly for the government to take the Company down. Michael refuses in principle, and Bruce pays his and Lincoln’s bails and they meet Sara. However, when Wyatt finds the safe house and shoots them, Michael calls Don and accepts the deal. He removes his tattoos and forms a team against the Company with Lincoln, Sara, Sucre, Bellick and Mahone.

In LA, General Krantz tells Wyatt that he wants Michael, Lincoln and Mahone dead. Agent Self forces Michael and his crew to wear monitor around their ankles, and their first assignment is to find the Scylla card. Mahone recalls that Whistler delivered the card to a card holder, and he noted that the driver probably would be a retired military. Using the information from the IRS, they find the identity of the driver. Meanwhile, T-Bag and Sancho head to San Diego in the desert. The hungry Sancho attacks T-Bag, who kills the Mexican while defending himself, and survives eating part of him. Later he gets a ride to San Diego with two bikers’ sportsmen. Michael’s team tracks the driver to the fortress of Spectroleum CEO Stuart Tuxhorn. The hacker Roland Glenn joins the team and gives a digital black hole device that copies any digital information when close to the source. Michael asks Sara to plant the device in the housekeeper’s purse to bring the device inside the house and they succeed in copying the card. However, the maid leaves the device inside the house and they are forced to break in the place to retrieve the apparatus. T-Bag discovers the meaning of Whistler’s code 36-24-36 in the Birds Guide. Michael and Sara conclude that Scylla is actually a six head monster from “The Odyssey” and therefore there are six cards. Gretchen is still alive.

In Los Angeles, Michael argues with Agent Self since there are six cards and not only one. The agent gives the rest of the day to find a second card holder; otherwise the project would be shutdown by The Powers That Be and the group would be sent to prison. Mahone calls Agent Lang in Gainesville, Florida, and asks her information about the death of his son. Lincoln overhears the conversation. Wyatt tortures Bruce with drugs; when he gets the information that Sara is in LA, he kills his victim. Agent Self meets Director Herb and ask him to call Senator Dalo to give more time to Michael and his crew, but Herb refuses. Roland discovers that his device has copied the PDA of Tuxhorn, and he notes that he received one e-mail from London and two others from a server in Anaheim. They use Sara to help Michael and Roland to break in the building where the server is located. Sara steals a security card, and when she is arrested by the security guard, Michael activates the fire alarm, but he is trapped with Roland in the server room without oxygen. Lincoln rescues them with an ax, and while checking the e-mails from the data copied by Roland, the computer freezes and they discover that the project has terminated. They try to escape but the GPS in their ankles give their position to Agent Self and his agents. They hijack a cab and Michael discovers the fives card holders in a meeting in a power plant in Newport Beach. Agent Self calls himself Senator Dalo and the project restarts, but with him isolated like an island and without the support of Herb. Meanwhile T-Bag deciphers part of Whistler’s codes and contacts the Gate’s executive White using the identity of Cole Pfeiffer. Lincoln promises Mahone to help him to capture the responsible for the death of his son.


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