Private Practice Season 1


Casts : Tim Daly, Audra McDonald, Kate Walsh

It’s a special episode, preceding the first episode of the first series, which presents funny, sad, interesting (anyway, more or less crucial) experiences lived by Dr. Addison Montgomery in Seattle, at Grace Hospitals, all of them being fragments from Grey’s Anatomy.

Having moved from Seattle to LA (and her own series away Grey’s Anatomy), Dr. Addison Montgomery relocates her practice in a business owned (mostly) by one of her best friends in college. Her first patient is a 17 year-old-mother who didn’t inform her father she was even pregnant until she went into labor, while a colleague of hers deals with a patient who refuses to quit counting the tiles in a department store. Meanwhile, her best friend, Naomi, deals with a deceased patient’s remains and who gets control of him.

Cooper tries to get Sam back into the main stream again, while Addison deals with a child who’s condition doesn’t match that of her parents’ lineage.


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