Rec 2

Casts : Jonathan Mellor, Manuela Velasco, Óscar Zafra

Picking up immediately following the events in REC, the sequel begins with a four-man SWAT team preparing to enter the quarantined apartment building. They’re told that there’s a viral outbreak inside and are assigned to escort Dr. Owen (Jonathan Mellor) from the Ministry of Health in to survey the situation. What they find inside, however, is no simple virus, and Dr. Owen knows more than he’s letting on. He thinks that he can concoct an antidote if he can find a blood sample from Patient Zero, a young girl named Tristana Medeiros. But a horde of swarming, contagious infected stands in his way.

Along for the ride is a group of civilians. Teens Tito (Pau Poch), Ori (Alex Batllori) and Mire (Andrea Ros) sneak into the building and get trapped along with a pair of men with ties to characters in the first film: a fireman looking to aid his lost coworkers and the father of Jennifer, the little girl whose dog had been sick. Eventually they team up with the SWAT officers to battle the infection, which turns out to have an otherworldly connection that could prove cataclysmic if unleashed on the unsuspecting public.


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