Team Medical Dragon 3

Casts : Abe Sadao, Inamori Izumi, Sakaguchi Kenji, Endo Kenichi, Koike Teppei

Several years after Ryutaro Asada’s departure from Meishin University Hospital, the hospital has been in rapid decline due to Takeo Noguchi’s (Ittoku Kishibe) scandal and a rise of lawsuits due to the poor quality of new surgeons. The new dean of the university, Shoko Kito (Mari Natsuki), calls a press conference and states the hospital will be rebuilt with an emphasis on education & clinical research. During this time in America, Akira Katou (Izumi Inamori) successfully transplants a young woman’s heart which astounds his foreign professors and on a battlefield Ryutaro Asada treats a bomb injured woman.

A patient, who fell off of a motorcycle and into a river, is brought to the ER of Meishin University Hospital. Doctors Noboru Ijyuin (Teppei Koike) and Takehiko Kihara (Tetsuhiro Ikeda) perform surgery, but are about to close the chest of the patient due to their inability to help the patient. This is when Ryutaro Asada walks into the ER. He orders the doctors to continue with the surgery and with the help of Ryutaro Asada are able to save the patient. In the viewing room Shoko Kito & Akira Katou watch the entire procedure.

Akira Katou visits the hospital where Keisuke Fujiyoshi (Kuranosuke Sasaki) works and persuades him to complete the regenerative medical research back at Meishin University Hospital. A rumor starts to spread that the Meishin University Hospital’s Team Medical Dragon will be revived, even though Dr. Monji Arase (Sadao Abe) refuses to step into the operating room due to an incident that occurred a year ago.

By Keisuke Fujiyoshi’s request, 17-year-old Yukina Sugatani (Nanami Sakuraba) is hospitalized at Meishin University Hospital. Yukina suffers from a rare heart disorder and all the other hospitals diagnosed her condition as untreatable. At this time, Noboru Ijyuin works as the training doctor for newly arrived Dr. Fuyumi Makara (Mitsuki Tanimura). Noburo takes Fuyumi to Yukina’s room and explains possible treatment options. Yukina asks the doctors whether she can be cured and the doctors don’t have an answer.

When the day of Yukina’s surgery is decided, Ryutaro Asada explains to Yukina that her survival rate is 70%. Yukina is stunned. Noboru Ijyuin tells Ryutaro Asada that his statement to Yukina can open the hospital to a lawsuit. Ryutaro Asada responds that the letter of consent is not what binds a doctor and patient, but rather trust …


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