The Haunting Lover

Casts : Ai Kago, Xiaolu Li, Vanness Wu

Based on a 1940s true story, a large medicinal manufacturing plant in Guangzhou, “Kwong Cheong Tong”, is hiring. With his luck, Leung Kwong (Vanness Wu) is hired simply due to his resemblance to their missing Third Master of 10 years. While at work, Leung encounters strange incidents one right after another. In one case, Leung was attacked and was saved by the mysterious Fu Rong (Li Xiao Lu) who claims that Leung is actually Third Master who she has been waiting for.

To get to the bottom of the mystery of the missing Third Master, Leung goes to Singapore with his girlfriend, Hsiao Chen, to find the truth. Their trip only brings them back to the original source, “Kwong Cheong Tong”. The longer it takes to Leung to solve the mystery, the deeper he falls into the persona as Third Master.


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