90210 Season 2

11 DVD
Casts : AnnaLynne McCord, Tristan Wilds, Shenae Grimes

Wanting to keep the secret of her hit-and-run accident hidden at any cost, Annie has spent the summer avoiding everybody, including her parents after they move into a new house. Meanwhile, all the other students (Naomi, Silver, Dixon, etc.) were being made attend summer school after she phoned the police about the after-prom party at Naomi’s house, which makes them (especially Naomi) dislike Annie even further. Dixon and Annie’s relationship suffers more when Dixon believes Naomi’s claim that she thinks Annie slept with Liam. Annie goes into a further decline when she finds out the person she ran into died. Naomi, Silver, and Adrianna have formed a bond and spend their last few days of the summer at the Beverly Hills Beach Club. There, Adrianna runs into Teddy Montgomery, her ex-boyfriend and a tennis pro who is a new student at West Beverly. Also, Dixon finds out that Ethan kissed Silver before he went away when Teddy tells him and breaks up with Silver for good. Annie gets drunk with senior Mark Driscoll and sleeps with him in Navid’s cabana which was supposed to be for him and Adrianna but then Adrianna decides to wait. On the first day of school, Mark shows his friends a naked picture he took of Annie, which Naomi gets her hands on.

Following the last episode, Naomi does her best to make Annie’s life the worst it could be by sending a nude photo of her to everyone when Annie is forced to lie and say she slept with Liam, which causes more distance between her and Dixon, and their parents. Meanwhile, Ryan starts to wonder if his relationship with Jen is the right thing for him. Liam returns to West Beverly and tries to apologize to Naomi for being unfaithful. While Liam denies sleeping with Annie, he refuses to tell Naomi who he did have sex when he sees Jen at Naomi’s side. Later, Jen gets Liam into trouble by telling his mother and stepfather a fabricated story about him stalking Naomi in order to keep him way from her. Liam then joins the school surf team with Dixon to take out his frustration of the problems he’s facing. Naomi continues to refuse to belive Liam that he did not have sex with Annie, as does Dixon, while the crafty Jen convinces Naomi to do what she can to get back at Annie.


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