Big shots

Casts : Michael Vartan, Christopher Titus, Joshua Malina

Duncan tries to seduce a pesky reporter but his troubles are only beginning. Karl’s wife wants his mistress Marla to join them at couples therapy.

Duncan asks Brody to help him acquire some incriminating evidence. Karl’s wife hires a private eye to track him and see if he is having an affair and James goes on his first blind date after his separation.

James upsets Katie when he becomes involved with his new business consultant Rebecca Parks who advocates downsizing in Katie’s area. Brody races Duncan’s bitter rival Terrence Hill to get hold of Dontrelle’s little black book. Meanwhile, Duncan is tempted by his beautiful ex Wanda but stays faithful to Lisbeth. But can the same be said about Lisbeth? Elsewhere, Karl sets up Marla with his office colleague Phil but ends up not liking the results.


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