Beautiful Legacy

Casts : Lee Yeon-jae, Kim Min-soo, Lim Hyeon-seong, Lee Eun, Jeon Moo-song, Kim Hyeong-gyoo-I

“‘GREEN MOVIE’ through which people can feel the message of true hope and healthy love”.
“Through healthy and energetic characters, audience gets bravery and hope; I just want to sing a song of hope for this movie.”

Father is dead!
Soo-jeong, Min-seong, and Kyeong-tae start to fight over their father’s inheritance.
Min-seong wins the first round by his stock market push!
Soo-jeong meets her father’s lost memory along the inheritance. Will that be for keeping the inheritance, or finding the wrong deed of her father?
Min-seok and Soo-jeong’s story of great deal of trouble makes audience wonder where the inheritance will finally go.
To find out the inheritance, Soo-jeong, Min-seong, Kyeong-tae are on their way. The father said that his inheritance can change one country but Soo-jeong couldn’t understand at all.
At that moment, Min-seong, who was also aiming for the inheritance, tries to tempt Soo-jeong by gentleman way.
Min-seong: I have a specified goal!!
Soo-jeong: What did my father do~!
Kyeong-tae: I will keep my father’s will~!
There is a ‘meaning’ in father’s inheritance… but Soo-jeong’s siblings are continuing to not understand the true meaning.


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