3S Lady


Casts : Dai Jiao Qian, Victor Huang, Yoyo Mung, Qian Yong Chen

Wushu Cheng Fei-Fei and Gu close to the Inner, relationships like the princess and her maid. Association on a college, Feifei Gu and Wu Shu outstanding common spotted appearance Zhou Huiming. Pretty easily Zhou Huiming happen, no matter Feifei Gu, Feifei Gu Wu Shu from the friendship with burst! Looking Back Fifi seven celebrates its 30th birthday. That day, she was laid off single. Feifei Gu determined to marry before the end of their own. She went to a company candidates, was surprised to find that his immediate superior was abandoned years ago by Zhou Huiming; and Zhou Huiming wife is Wu Shu.

WU Shu-love thing for the year vowing to drive away wins Feifei Gu. Xue Chan, general manager of the care of Fifi love offensive launched! Feifei Gu Xue unknowingly fell in love with Chan, and the design of a project to help the company Xue Chan out of the predicament. Feifei Gu tired of fighting after the company left the company, do not want to design their own products are well received and return the company to find Xue Can, originally all had settled, two well-being hugged.

Feifei Gu older woman left, day care lady forced to be around a blind date blind date in the chance to know “vagrants” Can Xue (Huang Weide), and Can Xue Xue old lady, and his fiancee in the design of related Yaqin forced to take over the company under Since then, “vagrants” to become chairman. Yaqin surprised to discover that Feifei Gu Guan, Xue Chan has long been recognized, and Can Xue has been secretly helping care Fifi, and she began to pull out all the stops with the care of Fifi for a beautiful emotional struggle between the workplace.

At this time the immediate supervisor Zhou Huiming Gu Fei-fei is the college boyfriend, and the week is a good friend’s wife Wu Shu, and Fei-Fei and Zhou Huiming Gu year break is due to Wu Shu’s framed. When they meet again years later, the Wu Shuhuai suspect they adjourned to the front, then declared war on Feifei Gu, Feifei Gu began frantic revenge. Feifei Gu rabbit new colleagues, is the care of Fifi’s Shimei, who set all the shortcomings in a woman is in the office most rapid way to spread rumors. Feifei Gu arrival, his achievements for all to see, the rabbit was placed only do their assistants, rabbit disguised as a simple on the surface of the rabbit, secretly launched rivalry with the care of Fifi. Running out of the two old ladies have joined, even more so if the circumstances are ups and endless.


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