Ghetto Justice


Casts : Sam Lee, Kevin Cheng, Myolie Wu, Sharon Chan, Joyce Tang, Jazz Lam, Mandy Wong, Eddie Kwan

Law Lik-ah (Kevin Cheng) used to practice law for personal fame and glory but after setting up a Legal Advice Centre with his cousin George Mai (Alex Lam) and his good friend Tin Ka-fu (Sam Lee) in Sham Shui Po, Lik-ah changes his mind and realizes that legal representation is not only a privilege of the rich.

Soon, Lik-ah becomes the Peoples’ Hero of Sham Shui Po, helping grassroots groups fight against injustice with unconventional tactics.

On the other hand, barrister Wong Si-fu (Myolie Wu), who used to admire Lik-ah for his invincible performances, starts to disdain him for downgrading to a ghetto lawyer. However, after a few court cases with him, the two start to appreciate each other and fall in love.

Besides succeeding in her relationship, Si-fu tries to become an elite practitioner in town. In order to gain advancement, she seizes every chance to get close to the renowned barrister Cheung Pak-kei (Shek Sau). As Pak-kei enjoys getting people into trouble, he makes sure Si-fu is accidentally embroiled in a lawsuit.

In order to save Si-fu, Lik-ah has no choice but to challenge the law.


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