The Sinking of the Laconia

Casts : Brian Cox, Andrew Buchan, Ken Duken

Documentary following the story of the sinking of the Cunard Liner Laconia in World War II through the personal testimonies of six survivors. The Laconia was sunk by a German U-boat off the coast of West Africa in September 1942. Captain Hartenstein of the U-156 believed the ship to be a troop carrier but on finding that he had torpedoed civilians he launched a rescue operation taking people onto the U-boat and attaching lifeboats to the stern. The Americans based at Ascension Island intercepted a message for help from Hartenstein and sent a B-24 bomber to investigate. On locating the U-boat the Americans proceeded to drop several bombs, forcing the Germans to abandon the rescue. The survivors subsequently endured five days in a lifeboat with dwindling rations until they were finally picked up by the Vichy French Cruiser Le Gloire. The real life accounts of the survivors are supplemented with illustrative archival moving footage…


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