Blood Simple

Casts : Dahong Ni, Ni Yan, Xiao Shen-Yang, Zhang Yimou

Zhang Yimou is a name that garners much respect. He is one of China’s greatest living directors, with such credits as: ‘Raise the Red Lantern’, ‘Hero’, ‘House of Flying Daggers’, and ‘Curse of the Golden Flower’ to his name. He was also the man who directed the opening ceremony for the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

His ‘Blood Simple’ (also known as ‘A Woman, A Gun, and a Noodle Shop’) is a remake of the Coen brothers debut movie ‘Blood Simple’. But Zhang Yimou have transported the events from Texas to Gansu province of feudal era China.

Wang is the ill-tempered, money-hungry owner of a noodle shop. His wife has been driven into an illicit affair with one of his employees after the mistreatment that her husband subjects her to. Believing that the only way to receive happiness would be to kill her husband, the wife purchases a gun.

Wang is aware of his wife’s adultery and her plans to murder him. He bribes a local patrol officer into dispensing of the two lovers while providing him with an alibi. After a double-cross, the seemingly perfect plan goes out of control, and everyone begins to plot against each-other.


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