Diplomat Kosaku Kuroda


Casts : Kei Tanaka, Kaho, Kou Shibasaki, Yuji Oda, Koji Ookura

Japanese Ministry of Foreign affairs diplomat Kosaku Kuroda ( Yuji Oda ) is dispatched all over the world to protect Japanese interests and citizens.

After successfully defeating a kidnapping attempt of Japanese citizen in South America, Kuroda is assigned to protect Foreign Ministry official Shoko Mikami ( Tamiyo Kusakari ) in San Francisco during a World Trade Organization meeting. He meets informant John ( Lee Byung-Hun ) who gives details on security arrangements and former diplomat Takeshi Shimomura ( Teruyuki Kagawa ) who worked with Kuroda at the Mexican Embassy 11 years ago.

With the help of the information received from John, diplomat Kosaku Koroda is able to prevent an attack on Shoko Mikami by extremists, but as he investigates how the attacker knew of Mikami’s movements, Takeshi Shimomura jumps off a building to his death.

Meanwhile, a suspect emerges in the murder of a university professor in Japan that took place recently. The suspect is none other than Takeshi Shimomura. Detective Rikako Ogaki ( Kou Shibasaki ), who first discovered the professor’s dead body, travels to San Francisco with Takeshi Shimomura’s daughter Rui ( Kaho ). Diplomat Kosaku Kuroda awaits for them …


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